New lights in the Old Town

Electric Ladyland is a Center for promotion of contemporary design. The Center finds its rudiments in up coming generation of creators and draws an eclectic map of European scenes.
ELL designers are representatives of progressive urban trends refined in contemporary lifestyle and responsible attitudes toward the environment.

In the shop you will find our own T - shirt brand, production of clothes, accessories and souvenirs gathering illustrators, designers and street artists from across Europe; magnificent shoes by Magdalena Klašnja & Milenika Shoes, fantastic collections of Nina Vidović, Sanja Lukjančenko, Patrizia Dona, Aleksandra Lalić, Vesna Kraćanović, SestreS & Iva Šumulikovska, one of a kind leggings by Greška, bags by 47, Oboyi, Bagizz & Elderice, astonishing jewelery designed in mixed media styles by Mirjana Ranković; tribal fusion jewelery by Shabda Na, recycled marvels by Djuvedj; brooches by OshBrosh, stuffed lavander toys by Gloopy; prints by Fat Kid Bany & Slang International and number of independent labels specialized in producing urban life style paraphernalia...

All that elevated in Electric Ladyland visual identity made by NY based artist Ivana Bašić!